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Why is homework assigned each night?  Doesn't my child work hard enough at school?
Third grade is a crucial year for establishing life long study skills that will help your child succeed all through his/her school career.  Students learn that their education is very important and that they must structure time afterschool for homework along with their extracurricular activities.  Family time is EXTREMELY important, so homework should not take longer than 30-35mins each night. 

What is expected for homework each night?
1. Read for 20 minutes each night or 100 minutes each week. 
2. Complete your assigned Singapore Math workbook problems.
3. Complete any unfinished work.
4. Study for your Word Study Test.
5. Ask one of your parents to look at and initial your assignment notebook each night.

Scientific Method Project
Students in third grade will be completing a Scientific Method Project.  This is NOT a Science FAIR project.  Third grade curriculum requires students to complete an experiment using the scientific method.  To assess this unit, students will need to complete an experiment at home using all steps of the scientific method.  They need to present their information on a poster board.  More information will be forthcoming.
Due date: To Be announced.
 Because students will be completing a science project, they can choose to purchase a Science Fair board for $5.50 and enter the project in the Green Tree Science Fair.  We encourage students to enter their work in the Science Fair but DO NOT REQUIRE IT!! 

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