About Your Teacher

Hello darlings!  Want to get the scoop on your teacher?

Here are some little known facts...
  • I was born in Alaska.
  • I have lived in 23 different places, including Germany.
  • I was an army brat. (that means my dad was in the army)
  • I played softball.
  • I have a younger sister named Melanie who is married to Andrew Ruesche.
  • I have a younger brother named, Jeremy, who was in the army (He is in Heaven now with my mom).
  • My puppy is named Cullen after the Twilight book series
  • I LOVE teaching!!
  • Hobbies:fishing, traveling, photography, hiking,blogging, crossfit
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Animal: giraffe 
  • Favorite food:  I love pizza, but I try to eat healthy, organic foods!
  • Favorite Drink: I mostly drink water and green tea.
  • Favorite Store: Target, Kohls
  • Favorite Subject: Science
  • Favorite Flower: Sunflowers 


  1. Hello! You are an inspiration. I am a 24 year veteran teacher of the deaf who transitioned to regular elementary ed this year to an outstanding group of 3rd graders who has had quite the crazy start! I am truly a first year teacher all over again and routinely scour the web looking for great ideas to teach hearing children. Reading your blog makes me immediately think of the Jungle Book song "ooo-hoo-hoo... I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo". You seem like a very vivacious and fun 3rd grade teacher! I stumbled upon your blog this morning as I was searching for some help teaching Singapore Math and wowie wow! I LOVE the resources you have compiled for parents and appreciate them so much! If you don't mind, I would like to share that page with my parents, many of whom are struggling to help their children master the basic facts. The on-line math facts practice sheets are fantastic and I don't know why I did not come across them before as I have been searching for resources for three months. I feel as if I have struck gold today... and really appreciate your video clips. Singapore Math is new to me and has not been easy for me to teach so your tips are great! Anyway, thank you so much! bholt@xaviercharter.org

    1. Thanks Betsy! If you want more teaching ideas, check out my teaching blog here 3 Teacher Chicks